Our Board

We are a committee of parents who care about the school, its students and its community. We work, organize, create and implement initiatives to improve the school environment and the overall experience for its students. Click here to learn more about our board.

Our Vision

To build a strong foundation supporting the ESB educational experience through true collaboration with its community. 

Our Mission

To successfully engage all parents, cultivate positive collaborations, foster diversity to maintain an inclusive educational experience, while providing a transparent forum for an exchange of ideas among the management, teachers and parents of the ESB.

Community Fund

The Community Fund leverages funds raised by the Parents' Association to support projects and events that enhance the learning environment, student health and wellness, and the overall education experience.

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We offer extra-curricular activities for students of PA members ranging from crafts, to chess and tennis. Learn more about the activities we offer or register for an activity.

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Online Shop

We offer a complete online shop for you to purchase ES Bergen clothing and gear. Our store is also open for you to purchase your 2017/2018 ESB PA membership, admission to select events, and all ECA courses.

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Upcoming Events

Euromarkt 2018
Save the date for the 2018 Euromarkt!
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Primary Carnival Party
Children enjoyed lunch, games and prizes.
December Holiday Reception
Primary parents enjoyed a "gezellig" moment together around the Christmas tree listening to the Christmas stories and joining the children sing festive songs from around the world.
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