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Date: March 21, 2024

Navigating the Future: Careers Development & an Introduction to Networking

In times where career paths are diverse and dynamic, empowering our students with the skill set to help navigate their future is truly a valuable investment.

On Wednesday 20th March, 180 of our S5, S6, S7 students had the pleasure to take part in the careers and networking event with Charles Ruffolo from The NetworKing, international speaker, founder of the Giving Back Foundation, and author. The event organised by our Clubs Coordinator Intern Arthur Seiwert and career counsellors, sponsored by the school and Parent Association served as a platform for our students to discover various career paths, and cultivated their connections and networking skills.

The afternoon kicked-off with an inspiring start from Charles Ruffolo, Osama Albalah, and Arthur Seiwert sharing their personal career journeys, highlighting that building a career is certainly not linear and that the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and passion is truly key to achieving success. Our speakers represented a spectrum of industries, providing insights into different avenues of educations and career paths from their personal journeys, offering a glimpse into the future opportunities awaiting our students.

Covering a wide array of topics ranging from entrepreneurship, emerging trends in technology, networking, problem solving, and teamwork, students got to engage with the guest speakers, as well as take part in a networking workshop to get to know each other better through interviews they conducted. They also got to share their thoughts and insights discovering their own future career paths, instilling confidence to pursue their future. Students worked on their career map and we would like to encourage our students to speak with parents about their future career ideas. The event placed an emphasis on the importance of holistic development, work-life balance, career readiness, mental and emotional resilience, and personal branding.

In conclusion, the Career development and Networking event was a great success! Empowering our students to take charge of their future paths and encouraging them to pursue their passion with confidence.

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