Date: March 16, 2024

Mandatory school trips ES tender - Urgent need for a volunteer

European School Bergen (ESB) is part of the European School system (ESS) that comprises 13 schools. As a key stakeholder in our kids' education, we are represented by InterParents, a European school-wide volunteer parent organization to act as a sounding board to the ESS management or Office of Secretary General (OSG). OSG is responsible for issuing policies to which all European schools are obliged to abide.

Issue at hand - mandatory school trips
School trips are an integral part of the educational process. Individual schools are responsible for organizing the trips and parents are responsible for the cost. To maximize transparency and minimize financial risks, OSG centralizes the financial management of this process.

The ask
We are looking for one primary volunteer and one backup volunteer (per country) to review the school trip offers received from vendors. The expected time frame for evaluation meetings is the second half of April / beginning of May. The policy documents and offer documents are available for review shortly. In order to access the documents, you will have to sign the InterParents NDA and the confidentiality agreement with the OSG procurement cell.

If you are interested, please send an email to with your contact information for more details. Thank you very much.

Update: We have secured the primary volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering as the backup. Please contact us.

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