Date: March 4, 2024

Trimester 3 club signups & Important information

Dear members of our community,

After a successful second trimester of clubs we are excited to announce that the last trimester of this
academic year will start after the Easter break, 10th April!

The 3rd trimester of clubs will run until the end of June, with clubs running two days per week, on a Wednesday and a Friday afternoon, with Session#1 13:30 – 14:30, and Session#2 14:45 – 15:45.
Please note: Wednesday clubs will finish on June 19th , and Friday clubs will finish on June 28th.

We have 3 new exciting clubs in our program, take a look under our extra-curricular clubs page. Our
rationale for the choice of our clubs has been according to the supply of qualified and professional
instructors whilst doing our best to meet the demand from our community. We are very happy with the
growth of our extra-curricular club program and look forward to welcoming all participants for the 3rd
trimester of clubs!

For our students who do not live close to school and the clubs and bus schedule posing as a challenge
to join, we have created a solution to the best of our abilities to include these students.

Please note the following IMPORTANT INFORMATION

- If you would like to participate in a club in the 2nd session (14:45 - 15:45), please sign-up to 2
on the day, as this will allow for your child to be in a club during both sessions. This is
due to not having enough volunteers to supervise.

- If your child has 45 minutes to wait between 15:45 and 16:30 for the bus, please sign-up with
Alles Kits for the time that your child is not in a club. In addition please email us if you need a
new Alles Kits contract. With this you will receive a 50% discount on one of the clubs.

- Please ensure to communicate with your bus/ taxi provider to ensure your child has a place
in the late bus.

We are currently running a subsidy for families in need and families that have a reduced school tuition
rate. To apply for the subsidy, please go ahead as normal with your sign-up and payment to ensure
your child’s place in the club and contact club coordinator Arthur.

Please be advised that upon receipt of your sign-up, we will proceed to submit the request for
establishment of this club to the school administration. It is important to note that the school retains
discretion over the allocation of space for specific clubs, and there is no assurance of availability.

Consequently, in the event that the school determines that there is insufficient space to accommodate
the participants and proposed club, we reserve the right to cancel the club’s formation and provide you
with a refund accordingly. The PA reserves the right to stop the Extra-Curricular Club program or a
specific club in the event of no program coordinator, not sufficient volunteers, and the inability to
coordinate the clubs (in this case a refund will be provided for sessions that are not conducted). Please
read the terms & conditions.

If you have any questions about the clubs & registration please contact club coordinator Arthur.

Meet Arthur Seiwert, our Club Coordinator here.

We look forward to receiving your sign-ups!

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