Date: September 11, 2023

Meet our Club Coordinator Arthur

Dear ESB Community,

Having a sense of belonging is one of the key aspects which any community seeks to achieve on an individual and communal level. In the context of our diverse international community, the pursuit of this sense of belonging is a complex undertaking. With a strong fundamental base and shared values, any community can achieve integration and inclusion through the use of sports and community activities.

My name is Arthur Van der Merwe-Seiwert, I am a student of International Sport Management and Business at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, in conjunction with my role as a business owner. My professional background lies within management, community development, fitness, sport recovery, and wellness. Having lived in nine countries, I hold a passion and commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and community cohesion. This commitment has profoundly shaped my academic pursuits and career trajectory.

A key aspect of my academic journey has encompassed the cultivation of communities within international educational settings. Presently, I am working with Amity International School Amsterdam, where I have been supporting the parent and staff community for a second consecutive year through the implementation of a sports and activities community development program. The fruitful collaboration with the Amity community has led to my involvement in coordinating the extra-curricular clubs’ program at ESB, a responsibility entrusted to me by the Parent Association and the school.

What I seek to achieve during my time at ESB is to uphold our vision of developing the extra-curricular program for our students. Through this initiative, I aim to create new and developing avenues for our community to grow, whilst enhancing the student’s educational journey.

I look forward to the commencement of this year's program and the opportunity to collaborate closely with our community. Questions and feedback? Please contact me!

Warm regards,

Arthur Van der Merwe-Seiwert

Organisatie Oudervereniging van de Europese School te Bergen
KvK-nummer: 40634537
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