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Payments for all shop items are due immediately. Payment is possible with Credit Card or iDEAL.

Order Delivery of physical goods 

We do not ship orders. All orders of physical goods (gear) for primary students are delivered to your child’s classroom within 7 days (in the school period). All orders for secondary students will be available for your child to pick up in the PA room (room 39). Please contact us to arrange a pick up time. If you need your order sooner, please contact us to arrange for faster processing. Any orders placed during the school holidays will be processed after the holidays.


Returns are accepted for faulty or defective items only. You may exchange an item if it does not fit properly. All exchanged items must be new, not worn, or appear with any wear and tear. Please contact us if you have questions about a return or exchange.

PA Membership

The membership fee is 25 EUR per school year per family, regardless of the number of children attending the ESB. Payment is possible with Credit Card or iDEAL.

The membership renewals automatically on Sep 1st each year unless cancelled by the member before that date.

Membership is a prerequisite to use services provided by the Parents' Association, such as Clubs (Extra-curricular activities).

Extra-Curricular Clubs


To sign-up to a club, all payments for all clubs are due immediately before checkout. Payment is possible with Credit Card or iDEAL via our website. The payment is one-off for the club’s trimester, with no recurring payments. Once payment is completed this will make you automatically signed up to clubs which have been paid for. Trimesters occur according to the club’s year calendar. Once the trimester has ended, the sign-up process will open again.

Extra-curricular club’s programs have a fee. The parents are informed about the fee for a course/per lesson/training during the sign-up process.

Parents' Association membership is mandatory for families, whose children wish to participate in extra-curricular clubs.


Please be advised that upon receipt of your sign-up, we will proceed to submit the request for establishment of this club to the school administration. It is important to note that the school retains discretion over the allocation of space for specific clubs, and there is no assurance of availability. Consequently, in the event that the school determines that there is insufficient space to accommodate the participants and proposed club, we reserve the right to cancel the club’s formation and provide you with a refund accordingly. The PA reserves the right to stop the Extra-Curricular Club program or a specific club in the event of no program coordinator, not sufficient volunteers, and the inability to coordinate the clubs (in this case a refund will be provided for sessions that are not conducted)

Waiting list

If the club is full, you can sign up for the waiting list. You will be informed when a place is available.


No refund is accepted in the case that a student is absent or is expelled from the club due to misbehavior.

Refund are only possible if the club has been canceled from the organizers side. All refund in cause of instructor cancelation are to be refunded at the end of the club trimester.


In the event that your child is absent and can’t make the club. Notification via email to Club Coordinator is required before 10am of the day of the club. 


All clubs will take the attendance of the participants at the beginning of the club session.

Code of conduct

Participants are to follow the school’s rules and code of conduct. Any misbehavior could lead to a first warning, as well as expulsion of the club without a refund. 

Dutch government laws are applicable.  

Cancelation of session

In the case that a club session is cancelled, a refund will be given for that single session at the end of the club’s trimester.

In the event that the club is discontinued, a refund will be given for the remainder of the sessions for the trimester. An optional club will only be provided based on club availability.


In our extra-curricular club’s program at the European School Bergen offered by the Parent Association, liability is a shared responsibly of the school, the parent association, the clubs coordinator, the club instructor, and the participants. The parent association ensures clear communication of program terms and conditions as well as adhering to policies and local regulations. Parents’ consent to their child's participation, and the school and instructors enforces safety measures and addresses incidents. This collaborative approach ensures a safe and accountable learning environment.

Organisation of clubs

The organization of the club requires a minimum number of children/ participants. This minimum number is set depending on the type of activity and is determined by the club coordinator in collaboration with the club instructor.

For team sports and activities the minimum number of participants depends on the type of sport. The minimum number of participants is decided by the club coordinator in collaboration with the club instructor. 

In case of a shortage of sign-ups at the beginning of the trimester, the club coordinator and parent association reserve the right to cancel the club.

The club coordinator may suspend any activity/lessons/course, if irregularities or complaints about the club instructor emerges. The club coordinator will advise and discuss with the parent association on any such issues and advise whether a warning needs to be issued or the club should be suspended.

For clubs which are full, club coordinator and parent association will operate a waiting list system until midway through the trimester.

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