Date: January 2, 2024

Christmas Sing-Along

On 15th December Primary Parents were treated to a sing-along with their kids in the festive aula at ESB

Primary Deputy Director Nadia kindly invited all primary and nursery parents to a fun and festive Christmas sing-along in the school aula with all the primary and nursery pupils. The Parents Association was asked to help with providing volunteers and some budget to pay for the finger lights.

Within no time 100 parents had signed up - which surprised the organisers and volunteers involved. Luckily there was enough space to safely accommodate more parents with standing room at the back.

What a treat it was. The parents loved it - being back on the ESB campus and embracing the community feeling again after Euromarkt was loads of fun. 

The kids were on top form with their cute singing voices and finger lights lighting up the aula. You could tell the huge audience made a big impression on them.

According to one parent: "The xmas sing along was brrrrrilliant! Very enjoyable. Tons of standing space for the few who were not seated. Tea, coffee and yummy biscuits went down well with everybody. Nadia was in great form and mingled with lots of people at the end. It was fun. Lots of kids found it quite exciting to be in front of such a large group."

A big thank you to Jana Chladecka P3NL mother who volunteered to help Nadia and the PA with the organisation. Even Director Per was seen singing along at the back of the room to the Christmas beats.

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