Date: March 19, 2023

Extra-Curricular Activities Restart – Introducing Intern Arthur

Since Covid lockdowns started the Parents’ Association has been unable to offer Extra-Curricular Activities to ESB pupils due to either lock-down restrictions or simply lack of parent volunteers to coordinate the programme. Now we have good news …

The new PAC has been working hard behind the scenes to find solutions to this with school. Thanks to a collaborative approach we are pleased to announce that as of April we will have support from Arthur Seiwert who is an intern from the Amsterdam University of Applied Science International Sport management degree. Arthur will be working on projects like a sports day for ESB secondary school management and for the PA coordinating Extra-Curricular activities. These extracurricular activities might include - table tennis club, bootcamp, running club, art, dance, drama club (depending on demand).

He will first spend time getting to know all the stakeholders and researching the history, figuring out what is possible logistically and discovering the current parent demands. Then he will create a plan for a mini trial launch in May/June and big launch in September 2023. Part of his project may include a more detailed survey to parents about their wishes.

In the past with a full programme of extra-curriculuar activities there was a high demand – so you need to be ready to sign up. To be prepared for enrolling your children into the activities please make sure you have become a member of the PA on our website. Sign up today for annual family membership (Euro 25 for a year). Membership is required to sign up for activities and to be able to contact the extra-curricular instructor. While you are on our site make sure you register for news updates too.

We are happy to have Arthur on board and convinced he will do a great job – if you see him around school, please introduce yourself. I bet Arthur would love to have some help from parent volunteers. If you have questions about this development or would like to volunteer your help to extra-curricular activities or other positions that are not yet filled please address one of the members of the PAC.

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