Date: May 14, 2024

PA Secretary opportunity

Will you be the next ESB Parents' Association Secretary? The position is open, starting in the academic year 2024-25.

The Parents' Association Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Parents' Association (PA) scheduled meetings, maintaining records and administrating matters related to the PA’s constitution. Time commitment is around 5 hours per month.

The Secretary handles a variety of correspondence, with a particular focus on liaising with the Primary and Secondary Deputy Directors to contribute to (i) Primary and Secondary Education Council agenda’s and (ii) arranging quarterly Parent Class Representative meetings. The Secretary circulates actions that come out of such meetings, hosts the monthly PA Committee meetings and responds to queries received through the website, whilst distributing other information throughout the year that the Parents may welcome. 

Being a point of contact for new and current parents, as well as for the school, is a great way of understanding the needs and interests of such stakeholders, which gives warm context to having our children at the school. It’s a role that can be shaped by the individual and evolve over time and having a valued vote on the Committee also allows the Secretary to be part of all new initiatives, ideas and plans, which is inspirational, exciting and undoubtedly rewarding! For more information, feel free to contact Chris Hammond:

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