Date: November 20, 2023

Sign-ups for NEW CLUBS!

Since October we have had a successful first trimester of clubs! With 83 places filled, participating across 8 diverse clubs with 16 weekly sessions. As coordinator I have had the opportunity to observe the clubs and experience the different sports and activities we have on offer. I have been amazed by the children when watching them play chess and hearing about their great wins and defeats against our chess instructor. Seeing them typing without looking at the keyboard in our Typing club, and watching them scoring hoops after hoops in Basketball. And in Table Tennis we are excited to also have our first friendly match against another school at the end of December before the break, testing the players skills and meeting other fellow players. It truly has been energizing seeing all the participants enjoy our clubs! Developing this program for our students at ESB has also had its challenges which we overcame, such as making sure the schedules align or ensuring we have strong communication channels in place. And thanks to the help of our community and colleagues in the Parent Association, the instructors, and the school, we truly have been able to set a strong foundation to our program the past few months.

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New Clubs!

In saying so... with 4 weeks left of our Trimester 1 clubs, I am excited to announce that the sign-ups for clubs for Trimester 2 are opening this week Friday 24th November 7pm with 4 NEW CLUBS, and a total of 12 CLUBS ON OFFER! Our new additions to the clubs which will kick-off in January are: 

  • Taekwon-do
  • Yoga
  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic 
  • Coding

With Trimester 2 clubs starting January 10th, we would like to make sure that your child has secured a place in our clubs, so please make sure to sign-up as soon as possible as we have limited spaces available in each club. Clubs will continue to run in January as per the current schedule on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. We are also currently working on a satisfaction survey for our parents who have children in our clubs, so please keep a lookout and your responses will be much appreciated!

P3 Clubs

As for our phased approach with P3, we have only one volunteer, and we are still needing more help to be able to fully open up our clubs to P3. Due to this low number of volunteers, we will only be opening clubs for P3 on a Friday to limited clubs and spaces. Sign-up to volunteer and as an incentive to our volunteers, we would like to offer a free entry for your child to a club of choice.

We look forward to starting our next round of sign-ups for Trimester 2 starting this week Friday 24th November 7pm! 

If you have any questions please contact our Club Coordinator, Arthur. (

We look forward to receiving your sign-ups! 

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