Date: November 19, 2023

The Future of Kids (& parent) Activities and Services

As outlined at our October AGM – the PA challenge is not lack of money or ideas – the challenge is that in order to do everything the school and EU system expects (under the current rules) the PA to organize – we need more hands. 

Luckily we have enough PA committee members now (9 again) and many active member volunteers. See who we are here.

We have been able to do a lot in the last year due to just enough volunteers and some creative solutions (Intern Arthur) in collaboration with the school. However, the following activities will only continue or happen if volunteers come forward:

- Extra-curricular clubs for P3

- Euromarkt

- Avondvierdaagse walking event in Bergen or Alkmaar

- Halloween, Christmas sing along and summer parties

- Primary graduation party

- Sports day

- School gym T-shirts distribution

- Mums and Dad’s drinks

- New events: Annual Ball and Golf event in Amsterdam

Other PA services also need volunteers - in the following working groups and committees – sustainability, events, Interparents  (representing ESB in Brussels), canteen, website, transport and communications. 

We have divided the volunteering into small chunk sized pieces to make it more feasible for parents with full-time jobs or limited time. See all here 

Currently 6 out of our 39 of the volunteer posts (excluding fruit preparing) are filled – thank you. 

We are fully aware of the commitment it takes to volunteer especially with a full-time job and kids – most of the committee and active members are also all full-time working parents and willing to volunteer some of their valuable scarce time.

More hands make light work. The future of these activities is dependent on volunteers.

Please sign up to volunteer here 

BTW Sign up for volunteering for fruit project is here.

Thank you!

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