Date: December 11, 2022

New PA committee 2022/2023

As we move into this new 2022/ 2023 school year, we are delighted to announce some new faces onto the Parents Association Committee, namely:

Claire, Celine , Helena, Chris, Allen.

  • Claire Powell, President, who will provide overall leadership of the PA Committee, whilst maintaining contact with the school management to ensure the parents views are heard and acted on and ensuring parents voices are heard in the SAC and Admin board meetings.
  • Allen Erickson, Treasurer (plus ongoing events co-organiser) responsible for all finances, financial reporting and financial controls for the Parents Association. 
  • Chris Hammond, Secretary, responsible in coordinating meetings of the Parents Association and the Primary/ Secondary class representatives, whilst being a diligent keeper of minutes and general archiver of PA material.
  • Celine Maas-Punjak, responsible for representing the PAC and ESB parents at the Interparents meetings and ensuring that ESB gets heard as the smallest European school with unique challenges and issues
  • Helena Domeyer, Events lead, responsible for coordinating the events working group and creating opportunities for parents and kids to enjoy the community

  • Giustino, Jean-Christophe and Anne joined the PA Committee in the previous school year and continue their roles:

  • Jean-Christophe Chauvin, Vice President leading the SEC secondary class rep meetings and contact with the Student rep and giving input for Interparents.
  • Giustino Manna, Vice President leading the PEC primary class rep meetings and working with the President on the SAC and Admin board meetings and is the JRCcontact rep
  • Anne Westerhoff, Webmaster communications online, ensuring the PA website is up to date, parents are informed and input from parents is solicited.

We would like to thank these parents leaving the PA Committee:

    • Tina Eriksen, active in the PAC in different roles, many as president, for more than 14 years
      Claire Symons, running extra-curricular activities and supporting events for many years, coordinating help for Ukrainian refugees at our school
    • Liz Cizauskas, active for many years, leading the events team, but also active in sustainability, well-being, and the Francophone section.
    • Ian Smith, Vice president, Secretary, Communications and Traffic Coordinator (2020 to 2022)
    • Kevin Duin, President in school year 2021/2022
    • Gulnara Ibraeva, Treasurer in school year 2021/2022

Reflecting on the last few years, Tina says, “It is always a pleasure working together with enthusiastic people, who are committed to make a positive difference for the community - and our ESB community is just the best!”, whilst Claire feels a strong responsibility in taking on the Presidency role, “There are lots of opportunities and challenges to rise to – I look forward to trying to foster a win:win situation between the parents and the school on top of my teaching and managing a University programme day job.”

As volunteers, we are always grateful for the time and effort that the PA Committee put into their respective roles, in addition to their busy professional and family live. Whether it is being visionary in uncertain times or dealing with the small tasks to ensure an efficiently run Association, the job is light-hearted and fun, whilst also richly rewarding in representing the collective voices of all of us parents. In doing so, we believe we help shape a school that brings high quality education, diversity and happiness to our children, which in turn leads to successful and creative students that are proud to be ESB alumni!

If anyone would like to contribute and/or join the Parents Association Committee, then please do feel free to get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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