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Dear parents,

I hope you will have the chance to rest a bit during those upcoming vacation period.

Please let me introduce myself: my name is Federica Scotto di Tella and I have two kids in Secondary, English Section. I have been around this school since 2012 and an active member of the Parents Association in helping here and there but always with a special focus on food, being it is also somehow my working background. I have been asked to take a more active role to help with the school canteen - which is managed and outsourced by the European School Bergen.

With this hat on my head, I would like to share with you, on behalf and thanks to the collaboration of my fellow PA’ colleagues, some updates about the Meals at the European School of Bergen, the outcome of a long journey which has brought us to have again a functioning canteen at school.

As you all might know almost 2 years ago the contract between the former catering and ESB came to an end after a long friendship, many events and delicious meals… but moving on, ESB - with the leadership of the school, support of the Parents Association, encouragement from school staff and many other partners - was finally able to open a tender and find a good partner for many other adventures and delicious meals: Markies catering, a Dutch company well known among the International school’ canteens.

……Now well in the mist of the 2023/ 2024 school year, the Canteen is up and running and always on the path to improve services and products.

Nursery and Primary pupils are now able to enjoy a warm meal and by using the online form the booking should be easy. Our canteen provider is also working to make this option available for Secondary pupils as well before winter holidays. Presently students and staff can purchase snacks and sandwiches.

More exciting news! The canteen provider opened a second cash register which should enable a smoother flow and decrease the waiting times, which was highlighted by students as quite long and disruptive to the tight schedule they have.

To keep the pulse of the situation and be abreast of all possible news - the school required a Canteen Committee to been formed, composed by 2 members of the Parents Association (yours truly being the Chair), school staff, management representative, our Student President and Vice President and members of the Catering company. Our aim is to be better every day and to reach this goal we meet on a regular basis and try to have an open conversation.

But of course, we need your input as well … we want to hear what’s on your mind in terms of Canteen services and possible improvements, please let me know your thoughts and give us feedback via email (esbpacanteen@gmail.com)…. We promise to send an answer in a timely manner.

Wishing you a very nice Winter Break, I send you my kindest regards

Federica Scotto di Tella

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