Date: June 15, 2024

My journey at ESB as ECA & Events Coordinator

As my internship and time at the European School Bergen comes to an end, I would like to share with you my journey as the Extra-Curricular Activities & Events Coordinator. From developing the extra-curricular program to organising memorable events, and completing my thesis, my time at ESB has been a rewarding experience.

Stepping into the role as ECA Coordinator I was determined to launch and develop a sports and activities program for our students. Collaborating closely with the Parent Association, school staff, students, and instructors to better understand the community needs, we explored various dynamic activities which we had the pleasure of offering over the past academic year. We also managed to organise activities with the wider community outside of ESB through 3 Table Tennis tournaments, 1 Chess tournament, and our end of year Drama performance. That said, one of the biggest challenges which I encountered during my time
was the development of an ECA sustainability strategy for the future of our school. With my research and time spent developing stakeholder relations, I am proud to say that the extra-curricular program at our school has a future, and the school and Parent Association will be collaborating forward together to make this possible.

Aside from all the fun and exciting extra-curricular activities, as a sports enthusiast I recognised the need for an annual Sports Day for our school. In collaboration with the sports department this was successfully achieved. The Sports Day was a real success where all our secondary students came together in friendly competition, promoting teamwork and most importantly being active. From an exciting Dodgeball tournament to outdoor obstacle courses and relay races, the school was filled with energy. Being able to see our students and teachers work together as a team and having fun together was truly heartwarming and I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to be able to organise this special day for our students.

Alongside all the sports and activities, a Career event was another achievement which was organised in collaboration with our career counsellors, and the Parent Association. We invited an international guest speaker to give a glimpse into the future of our S5, S6, S7 students, giving them insights and knowledge into possible future careers and introducing them to the world of networking.

No journey is without any hurdles, as I faced various challenges coordinating the three projects and completing my research thesis, it is thanks to the willingness and collaboration which I received throughout my time at ESB that this was all possible. Developing the extra-curricular program and establishing the events has been a true pleasure for me, and through the collaboration created for the future of our school, I am proud to be able to leave this as a small piece of my legacy for ESB.

Looking forward, I will be embarking on my next journey and would like to thank you all for being a part of my time at ESB. I am truly grateful for everyone’s support, for the lessons I learned, the friendships I formed, and the impact that ESB has had on my personal and professional development. To all students, parents, teachers, staff members, and instructors who supported me, I would like to thank you. Your enthusiasm and trust fuelled my passion for sports and community development, and I look forward to keeping in contact with the ESB community.

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