Date: February 5, 2024

ESB primary kids eat more fruit

Hi ... We are Vanessa and Tanja and together we coordinate the Fruit Program.

What is the fruit program? Glad you ask! The fruit program is a project running in the Netherlands to which schools apply. This is to be supplied with a mix of fruits and vegetables, which are then distributed to the kids. 

The purpose is not to feed our Primary school kids, but to allow them to get in contact with different fruits and vegetables, which in turn will hopefully lead them to get into healthy eating habits.

At our school, the program relies on volunteers to cut the fruit and prepare the boxes that are distributed. Last year around 40 parents put on the robe of Fruit Heroes and took one and half hours of one morning to take this task upon themselves. 

The overall feedback is very positive! We feel more involved in school life, get to have a peek at the kids and they get to see us involved. It is a win for everyone. And did we mention it only takes only one and a half hours in one morning?

 If you can spare 1.5hrs please to become a Fruit Hero, sign up here: 2023/24 ESB EU-Schoolfruit

The Fruit Program Team looks forward to getting to know new parents.

Vanessa Nascimento

Organisatie Oudervereniging van de Europese School te Bergen
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