Date: December 5, 2023

A view into our clubs

With the first round of clubs almost coming to an end on December 15th, students from P4 all the way up to S7 have been participating in our various clubs since October. From learning how to keep fit in the fitness club, to strategizing in chess, and creating beautiful piece of art. Have a read and take a look at what our students have been doing in our clubs and their achievements.

Drama Club

“Over the course of the term we have been delving into getting-to-know-you and confidence growth games and exercises. This has all been for the children to gain confidence within the group, and feel comfortable and ‘safe’ to explore characters without feeling self-conscious. Every week we have a different focus and they have often been mastering skills unbeknownst to themselves as it is disguised within play and laughter. We have really been encouraging the group to nurture their teamwork skills. We explain that we are never trying to catch someone out or ‘save ourselves’ in these games, but working out how we can enhance something that another member has offered, and therefore making sure we both succeed, just as we might on the stage! We have also sung many fun ice-breaker warm up songs, rolled around like slugs, and quite literally tied ourselves in knots! There’s been a lot of fun and laughter, all in the name of drama!” Natalie Piper

Table Tennis Club

“Students are stimulated with a combination of fun games whilst learning the techniques of the game. Youngsters learn to how to both spin and smash the ball building a strong foundation to maximise their progress performance in table tennis. Participants at the end of each trimester of clubs will play a friendly match against another local school. This will test our players on what they have learnt over the course, and also develop positive contact with fellow tabletennisers from other schools.” Mark Smith

Cinema Club

“A cinema workshop to discover the art of motion pictures. All students, at a very young age, have been exposed to movies, and they arrive at the cinema workshop with their own personal culture but also with different tastes and a varied understanding of the process of creating works. The club aims to question our relationship with images and refine this knowledge.”

“In this first trimester, we proceeded in two stages. The first few weeks were dedicated to presenting the various stages of film production (writing, storyboarding, shooting, and sound recording), accompanied by practical exercises where students could demonstrate their inventiveness and knowledge. In a second phase, and throughout the year, we will tackle the creation of sequences, from writing to editing – and, if possible, the students will have the possibility of making a short film by the end of the year.” Pierre Drouot

Arts & Crafts

“During the past months we have been busy with creative activities. We did some design to begin with, printing our names using our favourite lettering style. We did an introduction to line and practised giving form and texture using just lines-we drew from real seashells or scenes from photographs. We practiced some shading techniques with a crockery composition.  The secondary pupils started an autumn watercolour. And the last few lessons we’ve also patiently been working on cardboard collagraph prints and we’re looking forward to seeing how the prints turn out! Please take a look at some of the beautiful artwork our student have done in the Art’s & Craft’s club.” Batool Nagdee

Basketball Club

“In our basketball training participants are improving their skills thanks to fun activities and drills. They learn to apply the technique learnt and create tactics for matches they play against one-another in friendly competition. Learning by playing is how we do it in basketball. We learn to win but also to lose, to share and cooperate towards a common goal, and to respect the rules and each other.”

“If your passion is basketball come and join us!  And if you have never tried it, then this is your group too!” Jorge Botella

Chess Club

“In the chess club the beginners are learning the basics to defeat their mom, dad, grandma or grandpa 🙂 At the same time the kids enjoy some different chessgames with a twist like hide and seek chess and Hand & Brain. The kids in the advanced group are currently defeating the entire family with their new chess skills 😉 At the same time learning more, by analysing their own games and reflecting what goes good and where to improve.” Rick Lahaye


“We started in October with the typing course and students from P4 all the way to S7 have been in class improving their typing skills. Through an interactive software program “Gigakidstyping” with classical online accompaniment we learn how to type blind in an easy way! We use games to test ourselves, so typing is fun! With the first round of classes almost coming to an end, we are all almost finished with all letters, so before Christmas students will be able to type blind with all 10 fingers.” Ivon Schoutten

Fitness Club

“During the bootcamp and fitness sessions, students have been working hard participating in all types of exercise’s such as circuit training with various stations, box fit, endurance and cardio workouts. And most importantly having fun whilst getting fit! The fitness sessions have been a great way for the older secondary students to meet and interact and find their passion in fitness and wellbeing.” Mischa de Jong

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and discovering the several clubs students have been taking part in.

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