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Date: July 2, 2023

Review of Parent’s event 14th June "Our Future School in a Developing Alkmaar"

On the 14th June at ESB the PA hosted an event for parents entitled “Our Future School in a developing Alkmaar”. It was appreciated by those present - 42 people were registered and we had 25 people physically in the aula and 6 people online – as we provided a hybrid option.

Why did we offer this event? Focus on the future … Provide parents with a chance to hear answers to their burning questions to Management; follow up of the online session with FFA architects that was planned very late; bring families/parents together who were interested in the developments in Alkmaar; offer interesting content to EMA parents – interested in moving to Alkmaar and continue dialogue about Alkmaar move, transport solutions, and enrolling more pupils.

We had the pleasure to welcome at the event many members of the steering committee for the new school - Margit de Jong from the Gemeente Alkmaar, Wim Tielemans and Bruni Terryn from FFA Fast Forward Architects, Job Geselschap from the Ministry of Education (delegated client for ESB), Fergal Cooney from EMA, and Per and Nicolas from ESB School management as well as engaged parents – so it made for an interactive and productive session. The main take aways from the 3 sessions included:

Future development of Alkmaar with Margit de Jong from the Gemeente Alkmaar: Alkmaar with it's green city award 2022 is transforming very quickly (especially with its 300 gemeente buildings and sports facilities). The European Commission designated Noord-Holland Noord as Hydrogen Valley with easy access to European subsidies for the further development of the hydrogen economy. To realize the energy transition before 2050, 16,000 employees are needed in the technology and innovation sectors. Alkmaar is also building 15,000 new homes by 2040 – including the Noordhollands Kanaal and Alkmaar Noord Station where the “Future” development is being realised, with a sustainable apartment complex of 360 homes and a day-care and after-school care center. The road alongside the future school will have a restriction to 30km per/hr and work is being done to improve the parking issue with potentially a parking garage and mobility hub. Please keep up with developments at this website

Future of the new school in Alkmaar with Wim and Bruno from FFA architects: Wim and Bruno were able to follow up on all the burning questions from the online session run on 24th April and prior feedback given from the PA. The focus of their session was around 4 topics – classrooms with cultural identities, mobility and security, ecology and green environments and day care. They went into detail about the 20 kiss and ride spaces, safe areas for bus drop off, potential free long-stay parking close to school and green road from station to school.

Future of ESB Q&A with Per Frithiofson: The Director of ESB explained that he appreciated having some time directly with a group of engaged parents and he hopes that his answers to the pre-determined questions gave insight into the strategy of management of the school and gave insight into the amount of room for maneuver there is within the European school system and regulations. In summary ESB is a great school with a bright future – remember how many other schools in Netherlands can say their students leave speaking 3 languages fluently on top of a science focus.

Timeline for our Future: All parties in the steering committee present during the event are still aiming for September 2028 to move into the new school in Alkmaar – however the exact timeline for each phase is too uncertain yet –  please keep up with developments and future timeline at the Esalk website.

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