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Traffic, Transport & Safety Work Group Update

Dear Parents,

The ESB Parents’ Association works in many areas on behalf of all parents. As part of our overall role and responsibilities, we work closely with the school and the gemeente on the school’s traffic and safety. This year we have worked on the following initiatives on your behalf.

  1. We work with the school and transport providers to improve safety and parking for all mini-buses and taxis.
  2. We work with the gemeente to add parking barriers, signage and increased monitoring during drop-off and pick-up.
  3. We requested a pedestrian (zebra) cross walk on Churchillian so that all can cross safely near the round about (installation to be completed in Jan 2020)
  4. We will again be arranging VVN cycling exams for Primary 5, and offering the literature in English, French, and Dutch to secondary students who have joined the school after Primary 5.
  5. We provided bike inspections to all primary students to ensure their bikes were winter ready.

We recognise that with increased traffic it is sometimes difficult to find a parking spot. We will continue to work with the school and the Bergen gemeente for solutions to the parking, Kiss N Ride, and overall drop-off and pick-up traffic. In fact, we aim to propose several improvements over the coming year.

However in the meantime, we ask all parents to follow all safety and traffic signage in the school surroundings. We understand that some parents may be unclear regarding the traffic and parking rules so we have summarised some helpful tips below. Please help us in keeping our community safe.

Pick-up and Drop-off Tips for Parents

When comes to getting your child for school, you probably plan for things like school supplies, clothes, and lunchboxes. Here are some tips to plan for an easy and safe pick-up and drop-off.

  1. Obey the speed limit.  Kerkedijk, Molenweidtje and Churchilllan are 30 km zones. Please adhere to this speed limit until you reach Landweg which is a 50 km zone.
  2. Park in designated areas. Parking is available on Molenweidjte in front of the primary school, in front of Oudtburgh, along Churchilllan, and across the street from the Afvalbrengstation Bergen (where DeBeek once stood).
  3. Come to a full stop. Always come to a complete stop at crossings and junctions, always check carefully for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Keep your cool. You might be running a few minutes late, but don’t let anger get the better of you.
  5. Be on the lookout for bikes. Many children cycle to school, allow at least 1 meter of passing distance between your vehicle and a cyclist. Do not pass bikes close to the areas where they need to turn into the school.
  6. Get up to speed on the rules. Familiarise yourself with the rules of the road. Don’t stop or park on the yellow lines.
  7. Utilise the Kiss N’ Ride properly.
      • The Kiss N’ Ride is intended for students who are able to disembark independently. Drivers should not get out of their vehicle.
      • Have your child ready to exit the car when you reach the pavement in the designated Kiss N’ Ride area. Students should only exit from the curb side of the vehicle.
      • Do not mount the pavement.
      • There is no parking and no waiting in the Kiss N’ Ride area.
      • Do not pull past the designated area, as it will block the cycle path.
Nicole GottholdTraffic, Transport & Safety Work Group Update