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The Vikings are coming!

Helmets on, shields at the ready – the Vikings are coming to Euromarkt!

Do you know what Hnefatafl or Tablut are?
No? Then make your way to the secondary sportsfield on 6th May and you`ll find out.

Try your hand at writing your name in runenschrift; learn the Viking crafts – wood & leather work, needle binding; touch and feel the weapons the Vikings used in battle whilst listening to the tales of Nordic Mythology.


A re-enactment of life as a Viking awaits you . . . .

. . . . are you brave enough to come?



The runestone from King Harald Bluetooth at Jellinge in honor of his father Gorm and his mother Thyra.



About Euromarkt
Euromarkt is a Parents´ Association fundraiser that has been in existence for more than 25 years. The market typically attracts more than 600 visitors throughout the day. The school is open to the community and teachers, students, parents, staff and friends share different cultural activities and food while raising funds for the school. Money raised at the event is invested in our school for things like school trips, school events, school equipment, and more.
For questions or to participate, contact our events team.


Karen ten TusscherThe Vikings are coming!

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