ECA General Terms & Conditions

The extracurricular activities are organized and run independently of but under the auspices of the European School Bergen Parents’ Association.  Parents who enroll their children for any of these courses agree to abide by the protocol below.  These rules are designed to ensure the smooth running of extra curricular activities.


An annual membership fee must be paid at the start of the school year to access any or all services provided by the Parents’ Association, including extra curricular activity sessions. You may join the Parents’ Association online.  The extra curricular activities are reserved for the children of the European School Bergen who are also members of the Parents’ Association.


  • There must be a minimum number of pupils on any given activity before it is confirmed. The Parents’ Association reserves the right to cancel or change activities (eg: the minimum number is not reached).
  • Pupils are expected to observe the general school rules and to behave in an appropriate manner during participation in extra curricular activities.
  • Food may only be consumed in places authorized by the school.
  • Pupils must wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the activity. The Parents’ Association is not responsible for any damage to shoes or clothing resulting from the activity.
  • Pupils are responsible for their own possessions, particularly anything of value they bring to the activity session. Lost and found property will be put with other lost and found property that is collected on the school premises. The Parents’ Association is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Valuable objects should not be left in the cloakrooms / changing room.
  • There are no activity sessions on days where there is no formal schooling.
  • School bus-services are not provided at the end of activity sessions.


  • Pupils enrolled in an activity should report to the course teacher at the specified time and place.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring the pupil’s safety during any time in between school and courses.
  • It is important that pupils arrive on time and are collected punctually at the end of the activity session.
  • To avoid inconveniencing other activities, pupils must not enter rooms early, or leave late.
  • Pupils must never enter the classrooms before the course teacher arrives.
  • For the duration of the activity session, the course teacher assumes all responsibility for surveillance.
  • During the activity session, parents are asked not to remain in the classroom where the activity is taking place. Parents with children waiting must wait in room 15.
  • Parents are requested to use the main entrance when entering and leaving the school and not to open/close other security doors.
  • Parents’ must visit security to obtain a  visitor badge. Pupil badges used for pick up and drop off are not sufficient.
  • The Parents’ Association is not responsible for unsupervised pupils either before or after the activities and hereby declines all responsibility for unsupervised pupils.


  • Participating pupils are insured against accident under the Parents’ Association liability.
  • In an emergency, course teachers or Parents’ Association members will act in loco parentis.
  • Parents must inform the course teachers of all relevant health issues prior to registration.
  • Personal information required for registration purposes will not be divulged by the Parents’ Association or by course teachers without permission.
  • In certain circumstances, the course teachers reserve the right to refuse inscription.



  • The course teachers reserve the right to modify the activities.
  • If an activity session is cancelled by the Parents’ Association or by the course teacher for any reason, whenever possible the pupils will be contacted in advance.
  • In the event of absence by the pupil, please give as much notice as possible to the  course teacher.
  • The payment and reimbursement conditions are to be decided by the course teacher.
  • In the event of expulsion for misbehavior, no refund will be made.



Any concerns should be aired in the first instance with the course teacher.  If a satisfactory solution cannot be found, please contact the Parents’ Association extra curricular coordinator.

For further information please contact us with the link below.

Nicole GottholdECA General Terms & Conditions