This club will start in the second week of January (10th) for 10 sessions (March 22nd).

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About the Yoga Club:

During the Yoga class we practice asanas called body postures, the control of breath and mind. We practice relaxation and mindfulness because of the busy and noisy world around us can be very tiring for many of us. Nowadays adults and children are overwhelmed by the harmful effects of the mobile phones, computers, exaggerated advertisements, and television broadcasts. Under these circumstances, it becomes indispensable to know first of all how to relax and how to breathe. Relaxation means a restful "switch off" or "stand by" of the muscles, internal organs, emotion and mind. This is the first step in yoga: relaxation. Any method and exercise will be practiced with a maximum relaxation of the mind, body, and emotion. Positive Psychology research highlights that yoga can help students to perform better, to concentrate during the lessons, highlights importance of the moral values and inner discipline.

About the instructor:

My name is Elizabeth Spreeuw I studied in London, I taught Yoga/ Mindfulness for children since 2002, MSC Positive Psychology (I am currently studying), PGCE Primary Teaching, BA History of Art, Montessori Dip Adv. I was a very curious child and I always wanted to know: Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is our mission and purpose on the planet Earth? And I always felt at home in nature. Later on, when I practiced Hatha Yoga, I had a sense of well-being, I felt calmer, more balanced and in harmony with myself and the outer world. By studying the Montessori teaching method in London, I realized that the holistic approach to life and the classroom was the best way forward for me. Using this view, I realized every single human being is unique and everybody is different. Yoga is a unique discipline and an excellent tool for everybody who is interested to achieve better concentration, manage time, good health, self- confidence, inner harmony, and awareness of the mind and body. 


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Primary/Secondary P4-S1, Secondary S1-S7

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Wednesday 14:45, Friday 14:45

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