Sem2: Robotics club


This club will run in Semester 2 from March 4th 2025 to July 4th 2025

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About Robotics club: 

In today's rapidly evolving world, artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning are not just current trends; they are essential elements shaping our future. For children to thrive and maintain a sense of self-worth in this technologically advanced era, it's crucial for them to be both intellectually and technologically adept. Robotics education stands out as an invaluable ally in this journey. It serves as an effective gateway for young minds to explore programming concepts, structural design, and engineering fundamentals.

Robotics offers an entirely novel and captivating experience that ignites a child's interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, while simultaneously equipping them with vital future skills. Engaging with robotics provides children an opportunity to lay a solid foundation in creativity, innovation, and logical reasoning. This approach not only cultivates critical thinking skills but also enhances their logical reasoning abilities. Furthermore, it encourages children to become lifelong learners, constantly fueled by their innate sense of curiosity.

About instructor:

Dr. Rishat is the loving father of three kids: 14, 8 and 1 year old. Building education is the passion
that Rishat shares with his colleagues and employees. He wants to bring the unique educational
techniques to children in the communities. In the last 11 months Rishat and his team opened
multiple after-school education centers in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Maastricht, Amsterdam),
Luxembourg and new centers are coming soon in Brussels, Den Haag. The centers offer development programs that are known and emerging in the communities:
robotics or cybernetics, coding or software engineering, as well as new to Europe, Abacus
arithmetic or mental arithmetic UCMAS.
The vision of the team is: “We build better future of our society. Education is the key for the
success of our children and we path the way for the bright tomorrow of our communities.”


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Secondary S1-S7

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Friday 13:30

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