Sem1: Ceramics


This club will run in Semester 1 from October 2nd 2024 to February 24th 2025

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About the ceramics workshop:

The Ceramics club is an 'open atelier' where students can pursue their own projects. The club is open to all class levels in Secondary and to Primary P3 – P5 students. Students have freedom to work on their own projects except for lower classes (P3 - S1) who have not yet worked with clay. This way they will get to know the basics. Students will be guided to try out techniques such as: pinching, coil and slab building and eventually glazing. After learning a couple of techniques, students can start their own projects.

About the instructor:

Instructor: Netta Tamminen

Hi, I am Netta, the current art teacher at ESB and a pottery enthusiast. I wish to bring my passion for ceramics to students who may find it to be a new way of expressing themselves. Therefore, I want to offer a ceramics club. As a matter of fact, it was an afternoon school club where I fell in love with working with clay. My path to art started in primary school in Finland where they offered various afternoon clubs and one of them happened to be a sculpting club. That classroom on Wednesday afternoons became my most favorite place during a school week. I dare to claim that this was the starting point for me to continue my studies in an art orientated high school followed by art teacher and art history studies in Lapland university and eventually ceramist studies here in The Netherlands.


Additional information

Age groups

Primary/Secondary P3-S1, Secondary S2-S7

Pick a day and time

Wednesday 14:45, Friday 14:45

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