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Secondary Newsletter, February 2018

Did You Know…

  • The PA currently has 14 active teams/working groups.

    <br /> Extra Curricular Activities, Events, Communication, Website & Online Shop, Fresh Ideas Team (FIT) & Design, Francophonie, Community Fund, Canteen, Baccalaureate working group, Transportation, Traffic, Safety & Security, Legal, Membership and Welcome Committee!

  • We are currently advocating for:

    Anti-bullying / Positive social climate,<br /> Enhanced / improved communication & cooperation<br /> Issues raised during SEC meetings (members: see SEC minutes),<br /> Secondary Parents’ information evenings (e.g. on drugs and alcohol use among secondary students)​<br /> A water tap for filling water bottles in Secondary and More……

  • Our website provides important information and relevant links

    Course Syllabi<br /> School documents<br /> The conference on secondary marking reform

  • The PA is active with Interparents

    The PA Interparents representative meets regularly with this group of Parents’ Associations from schools throughout the European Schools system.<br /> Our involvement in this organization allows us to make your voice heard on system-wide policies like the BAC Mock orals

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Some of our Initiatives Relevant to Secondary Parents

Represent all parents in official meetings with school management and in the European School system
Secondary Education Council (SEC) where input from the preparatory class representative meeting is applied 2) the School Advisory Council (where parents representatives have a vote), 3) Administrative Board, where we also have a vote on behalf of parents.​

Please contact us if you would like to have more specific information about the relevance of these official meetings for secondary parents, what role the parents have or if you would like to know more about current issues. Please also contact us if you never receive information/minutes about class rep meetings or SEC meetings.

Be an information source for parents and students (e.g.: via new PA website, information page for PA members and class rep meetings, minutes of SEC meetings)​
Since secondary parents are often not at school anymore, parents do not always have a view on what’s happening in the school, so the PA can be a window. The PA is a way to know more about the school having feedback from other parents about their experiences (a valuable addition to the formal information you get from the school).

Strive to continually improve working relationships with all stakeholders within the school community, to improve the educational and social experience of all students – this can be done by positive interaction involving as many parents as possible.

The SEC representatives have been asked to give input for documents, e.g. the document on social climate, document on “absences and lates”. In order to optimally provide input and represent parents, we wish to be able to reach out to as many parents as possible.

Deliver Secondary programs and events
Support Secondary Parents’ Evenings, Sports Days, Christmas event on last school day before holidays, upcoming S1-S4 party on 16th March, Green Light for Girls Event,
Support career guidance events and Act2Aid food collection, organisation of Euromarkt, some extra curricular activities for S1 students, Francophonie Events (March 17 and March 23) and more…….

Strategically and responsibly invest PA resources​
e.g. through Community fund (BAC ceremony, London Trip (S4), S1-S4 party, sports equipment in secondary school e.g. table tennis) and more….

Nicole GottholdSecondary Newsletter, February 2018