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From Wednesday, 10 April we are seeking donations of pre-loved books of all kinds and in all languages – children’s, adult’s, cooking, non-fiction …  If you have books at home that you are no longer reading please consider donating them to school.

There will be three locations parents and children can drop books off:

Security office at secondary entrance
Outside Aula (inside school, near recycling bins)
Outside DC (primary section).

A book trolley will also be present at the primary entrance every afternoon at pick up so you don’t even need to come into school!

We ask that books are placed in a bag  – this will greatly assist the volunteers to move the books about for sorting.

Can you lend a hand?
We are also seeking volunteers  if you have a few hours spare in April or early May. It’s a great opportunity to have a sneak peak at the wonderful books that will be available on the day!  We need assistance in the lead up to gather all the books from the drop off locations and to price and sort them into categories.  Alternatively, if you have a few hours to spare on the day of the Euromarkt we are also looking for assistance to run the stall. Even a few hours as a one off would be an effort greatly appreciated!

You can sign up to help with BookMarkt and all of the available opportunities for Euromarkt here.

And lastly – come visit the book stall on the day – there are sure to be many great bargains which will keep your family busy this summer!
Your ESB PA Events Team


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