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Primary and Secondary Bike Inspections Offered

[:en]Dear Parent(s),
The Parents’ Association will be carrying out its annual bicycle inspection for the Primary and Secondary students next week and so we invite you to encourage your children to arrive by school on their bike.

The primary intention for this event is to ensure our children’s bicycles are winter proof and to offer advice where needed. This also offers an opportunity to allow your children to be proactive in ensuring their bicycles are roadworthy.

It takes only a few minutes to check a bike. During the event lights, brakes, chain, tyres, etc will be checked and a “check card” completed and given to the student to take home. Any repairs due will be listed on the card, but not carried out on the day. This event aims to raise awareness to ensure our children commute safely to and from school; it does not aim to repair broken bikes.

ESB Parents’ Association is providing a voluntary service for bicycle inspection according to guidelines set by VVN (Netherlands bicycle safety standards). Parents carrying out these inspections are not professional inspectors, and therefore cannot be held liable for bicycle safety or issues following this inspection.

For the Primary students this check will take place on the morning of Monday 9th January 2017.
 For Secondary students the inspection will take place on the morning of Tuesday 10th January 2017.
Should you also be interested in helping with the inspections please contact
We extend our thanks in advance for your support.
Karen & Wiebke – Events Team ESB Parents’ Association[:]

Nicole GottholdPrimary and Secondary Bike Inspections Offered