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Parents' Association Logo Competition

The Parents’ Association FIT team invited all pupils to participate in a PA logo competition. We aimed to encourage and stimulate the creativity of all children in our school, and to teach them how to express their talent through the launch of this contest.

Congratulations to Carlotta Moya for her winning concept!

We were overwhelmed by number and quality of entries received. Evaluating them was challenging and fun. We are incredibly proud of the talent, enthusiasm, creativity, imagination, and originality within our pupil community.

We would like to especially thank teachers Brechtje de Vries and Ellie Lucas for their support.

Congratulations to 2nd prize winner, Jip Vader and 3rd prize winner, Estelle Campaniello.

We’d like to extend a special mention to Harper Storey and Almudena Martin del Burgo in P3E. Excellent work!

Thank you all for your support and participation.


Nicole GottholdParents' Association Logo Competition

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