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PA Committee Announced & Update Regarding School Future Location

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your holiday! Thank you for joining us at our Annual General meeting (October 8th). Minutes from this meeting – and the complete presentation-  are available for members to view on our Member Information Page. You will need to log in with your membership to view this page. It was a great evening and we’re proud to present the new PA Committee.

We advocate on behalf of all parents at the many administrative meetings held throughout the year. Recently we pushed to be heard in the matter of renovation or relocation of the school. We were present at the latest Administrative Board meeting (October 2nd) where the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’s project manager presented their plans. He stated that the wish of the Ministry is to move the school to either Alkmaar, Castricum or Zaanstad, but that the suggestion needs to be approved by the Board of Governors. If the Board of Governors agrees to move the school, the ministry does not expect to be able to move the school before year 2025.

During this meeting, the stakeholders in this matter decided to continue all future discussions with all the stakeholders present in the School Advisory Council (SAC). The next SAC meeting will be November 7th. Please send your questions or input on this topic to us.

There was also an update recently on the school website. We are committed to ensuring parents are heard and informed during this and all school developments.

We are here for you, and are looking forward to representing you this school year!

Nicole GottholdPA Committee Announced & Update Regarding School Future Location