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Thank You from the ESB PA Chairperson

Thank You from the ESB PA Chairperson

Tina Eriksen

Thank you all for your support this school year!

The Parents Association works with a lot of parents, who each give their free time and skills to the PA – and through us to the school community.

On behalf of the Parents Association I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to: Nicole Gotthold and Angela Godwin who stepped up when we did not have anyone to coordinate Euromarkt – and did a fabulous job!

This year we also completely reorganised the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme – meaning that parents no longer need to come to school to escort their children to the ECA classes and wait to accompany them to the following lesson. The children are now collected at the end of the school day, have lunch together and are escorted both to and from their activities. It was a big puzzle and certainly not an easy task – so on behalf of the PA and all the parents and children using the ECA: a very special thank you to Claire Symons and Tania Holmström for organising the much improved ECA this year! We are very fortunate that they have both agreed to stay on after the summer as well!

I would like to give a warm thank you to all the other members of the PA Committee as well: Edina Kriston for working as PA Secretary and later the Vice Chairperson until their move abroad, Sinnika Kroese for coordinating Events until she got her new job, Sue Garrone for being a very professional Secretary, Mary Knight for taking care of all PA finances, Nicole Gotthold for website, communication, membership and all the help given to projects like primary sports days, secondary photo books and Euromarkt, Miriam Casula for being our Interparents representative and Marianne Wood for doing a great job as our EMA Contact. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!

Furthermore I would like to thank the Secondary and Primary Education Councils representatives: Sylvia Kuin, Petra Bom, Liz Cizauskas, Femke den Dekker, Karen ten Tusscher and Claire Symons as well as all the parents that have taken on the important role of being Class Representatives!

This year we also had some very successful PA working groups – one of them organised a very interesting and educational secondary parents evening with the interactive theatre group PlayBack. The Traffic working group made a draft proposal for the traffic situation around the school – and a further working group represented the PA in the new ESB Canteen Committee. Thank you all for supporting the PA with such great enthusiasm!

We have worked with the whole School community – and we would like to thank you all for your cooperation and support:

All our Active Members

  • ESBbus
  • Students
  • Management
  • Teachers, Study advisors, Administrative staff
  • Concierges, Nurse, Security & Cleaners
  • Canteen staff and management
  • JRC staff and management
  • EMA staff and management

To be able to continue representing the parents and supporting the school community it is important that you all join us as members next school year as well.

If you are able to give a hand, want to meet new people and be an active part of your children’s school community, we would be happy to welcome you as volunteer for next school year!

We are planning to organise a PA Coffee Morning in September as well as our PA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October, when some of us will step back, leaving room for other parents to take over.

Enjoy your summer and see you next school year!

On behalf of the PA,

Tina Eriksen
Parents Association, European School Bergen NH

Nicole GottholdThank You from the ESB PA Chairperson
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ESB Canteen, Luna Rossa Earns Another Gezonde Gold Plate, 2019

ESB Canteen, Luna Rossa Earns Another Gezonde Gold Plate, 2019

Congratulations to Luna Rossa and ESB for being named a Gezonde School Kantine by the Voedingcrentrum. Luna Rossa was awarded a “Gold Plate” for the 3rd time since 2015 (2015, 2018, and 2019).

What does it mean to be a Gezonde School Canteen (Healthy School Canteen)?
According to the Voedingscentrum, a healthy school canteen is a place where young people can easily make healthier choices. In a healthy school canteen, the pupils’ eye immediately falls on the choice of healthy sandwiches, vegetables, fruit and Water as the logical thirst quencher.

12 brigadiers of the School Canteen Brigade of the Netherlands Nutrition Center travel around the country every day to support secondary and secondary vocational schools in achieving a healthier school canteen. Learn more about the Voedingcentrum and their approach on their website.

2019 Gezonde School Kantine honorees gather for a photo in June 2019.

Nicole GottholdESB Canteen, Luna Rossa Earns Another Gezonde Gold Plate, 2019
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ESB Secondary Student Captures Dutch Gymnastics Vault Championship

ESB Secondary Student Captures Dutch Gymnastics Vault Championship

On June 22-23, 2019 Marieke Wolf of ESB’s Secondary 4E participated again in the Dutch Gymnastics Championship held in Tilburg. She competed in the Junior Division, Category 1.

She placed 4th in the all-around and apparatus finals, and captured gold on the Vault becoming the “Dutch Champion 2019, Vault”. Congratulations, Marieke!

Nicole GottholdESB Secondary Student Captures Dutch Gymnastics Vault Championship
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Suggestions Added – 2019 Summer Camps

Suggestions Added – 2019 Summer Camps

What Are Your Kids Up To This Summer?

Each year we scour the internet looking for summer camps for every interest and age. We’ve done some leg work searching online, and asking other parents for suggestions on summer camps. Here’s what we’ve found so far including new suggestions since this post was first live.

Day Camps

Attitude Ballet School, Balletkamp
3-day ballet camp from 20-23 August At Artiance in Alkmaar for ages 8-18 years. Learn more.

Engels for Bengels (English Camp)
Weekly camps located throughout the Netherlands offering English lessons for ages 4-11 and 11-17. Learn more.

Free Coding Camp
ThinkYoung is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on young people. They are organizing this 4th edition of the Coding Summer School in partnership with Boeing at no cost. The camp will be held 8 – 12 July 2018 in Brussels. They will be accepting 70 students between the ages of 8-12 years old. Learn More.

Grijze Jager (Grey Hunter) Kamp
Adventure camp for children ages 8-14 years old from 27 to 30 August. Children participate in activities like archery, making fire, making your own bow, cooking your own pot on the wood fire. Learn more.

Hockey Camps
Bovelander will offer two hockey camps in its Alkmaar location. Both camps will be held 15 – 17 July and the two age groups are 6-9 and 10-13. Learn more.

Figure Skating Camp Alkmaar
The Alkmaarsche IJsclub will host an Ice Skating camp for two weeks in August. Join then 12 August and 23 August. Learn more.

Music Garage, Music Camp
A variety of music camps for ages 10-18 offered weekly throughout the summer. Learn more.

Mad Science Camp
4-day science camps held throughout the Netherlands. Check out the camp offered at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem on 21-24 August. Learn more.

Sailing Lessons (Uitgeest)
Weekly youth sailing lessons throughout the summer held in Uitgeest. Learn More.

Sport Camp with Go with the Flo
Weekly lessons for a variety of sports and activities throughout the summer held in Bergen aan Zee. Including a special, European School Camp, July 8 – 12. Learn more.

Surf Camp
Weekly surf camps offered throughout the summer. Learn more.

Surf Lessons (Uitgeest)
Weekly youth surf lessons throughout the summer held in Uitgeest. Learn More.

Tennis Camp
PTS Tennis will provided two training weeks for children ages 6-16. You can join during 15-20 July and/or 19-23 August. Learn more.

Day & Overnight Options

De Jongens Uit Schoorl
Weekly day and overnight camps focused around the beaches and dunes of Schoorl. There are several activities you can choose from and there’s an open day on July 9 if you’d like to check it out first. Learn more.

Zomer Kamp Bergen ann Zee
Weekly overnight camps offered throughout the summer including a special, European School Camp, July 8 – 12. Learn more.

Dance Camp
Weekly, overnight dance camps offered in Wilhelminaoordm NL for ages 8-18. Learn more.

Club Adventure
Weekly day and overnight camps offered throughout the summer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Learn more.

Jeugd SummerKamp Alkmaar
Overnight camp offered by Wijkcentrum Unicorn from Saturday, July 29 – Friday August 4th. The camp is intended for Alkmaar youth ages 7-15. Learn more.

Simbo Camps
A variety of weekly, overnight camps throughout the summer offering a variety of themes from beach, sailing, surfing, music, singing, and theatre for ages 6-16. Learn more.

Camp Cooper
American-style overnight summer camp based in Scotland for international & British campers ages  7-17. This camp books early, and only has a few dates still available. Learn more.

*This list has been procured by members of the Parents’ Association and is not a complete list of camps in the area. This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any business or service. The ES Bergen Parents’ Association is not responsible for the validity or content of external links.

Have a suggestion you’d like to share? Email us and we’ll add it to the list!

Nicole GottholdSuggestions Added – 2019 Summer Camps
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Avonds4daagse Bergen 2019

Avonds4daagse Bergen 2019

Last chance to register! LET`S PAINT BERGEN BLUE!

All students, parents & teachers, friends & families are invited to come along and join the wider Bergen school community and discover Bergen through four different 5km walks which take place every evening from 18H30 between 11 – 14th June.

Last year we marched 90 strong, can we beat 100 this year?!

Registration is required and costs 5 euro per pupil and accompanying parent / adult 2,50 euro each.
*** Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult. Pupils are not allowed to participate without supervision***

If you understand Dutch and prefer to register and pay on-line please use this link: Be sure to mark ESB as your school.

Pupils are encouraged to wear their blue ESB school sports t-shirt for identification purposes as several schools will be participating. If you haven`t got yours yet you can purchase them at here.

Pupils need to register at the PA table each evening before the walk starts at 18H30.

The Parents` Association will be supporting the event with orange and peppermint “bursts” for on the road refreshment each evening so be sure to bring a clean handkerchief with you so that we can make them!


Karen ten TusscherAvonds4daagse Bergen 2019
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