Host Families

About the Program


As part of the European Schools network, our school takes part in the European Schools Exchange Program. Host families provide a home for students from other European Schools while they study at the ES Bergen.

The program allows students from S5 to study in another European school for the entire first term of year 5, from September to December.

This program offers students the possibility to improve their language skills, usually in their L2 and L3 and to develop their cultural awareness by attending a European School in a different country.

Benefits of Being a Host Family


A host family is a vital part of the cultural exchange offering the student the opportunity not only to improve their languages, but also to experience living with another family.

This experience is beneficial not only for the guest students, but will also offer benefits for the hosting family, such as:

  • Your children will be able practice and improve their languages
  • Your children will learn about other cultures
  • Expanding a family very often expands the fun!
  • Your children will gain new friends that will last a lifetime

Become a Host Family

To make this exciting opportunity possible for students from other European Schools, we, here in Bergen, are looking for families who are willing to host these students wishing to study at our school.

If you are interested in hosting a student, or would you like to receive more information about it, please contact us.

Nicole GottholdHost Families