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Message from InterParents: Good news regarding Brexit in ESB

We just received this information from Interparents:

Following an exchange of letters with the Secretary-General of the European Schools, the United Kingdom Department for Education confirmed on 1 March, the common understanding that, in case of a no-deal scenario, the UK will continue to :

● contribute to the system of the European Schools by seconding teachers until 31 August 2020;
● contribute with two national inspectors to the system of the European Schools until the end of the 2019/20 school year;
● provide experts in relation to the European Baccalaureate; and
● recognise the European Baccalaureate automatically if the European

Baccalaureate is acquired before 31 August 2020, specifically granting holders of the European Baccalaureate all the benefits attaching to the possession of the diploma or certificate awarded at the end of secondary school education in the Member State of which they are nationals; entitlement to seek admission to any university in the UK on the same terms as nationals of the UK with equivalent qualification.

Consequently, The UK Department for Education has now written to the teachers seconded by the UK to the European schools informing them of the withdrawal of their ‘at risk of redundancy’ status.

Great news for all European Schools!

Daniel WoodMessage from InterParents: Good news regarding Brexit in ESB