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European Medicines Agency (EMA) Update from the Director

As you may have heard/read the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be coming to Amsterdam. As the (EMA) is a decentralized agency of the European Union (EU), we are an ideal school for the children of their employees, and their joining us is a good opportunity for our school.

As parents, we are all interested to learn more about how this decision will impact our school and our children. We have offered our time and insights to the school administration as decisions are made on how its growth will impact us. We are already working closely with the administration to support them where we can to facilitate smooth and positive transition for new and existing students.
In fact we met with the Director, Steve Lewis and asked him to draft a communications update for parents including information about the move. You can read his message here.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or insights you would like us to share on your behalf.

We’ve included some links below for background on this topic.
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Nicole GottholdEuropean Medicines Agency (EMA) Update from the Director