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Dealing with the Dutch!

“Dealing with the Dutch” is a hilarious cabaret style comedy from the professional Theatre Group ‘Plankgas’ (‘Full Speed’) with British actress Camilla van Doorn and Dutch actresses Mechteld Schelberg and Anna Nicolai.
Are you a foreigner living in Holland? What can you expect? Prepare for a light-hearted look at those cheese-heads in all their weird glory. Dealing with the Dutch has something for everyone; native cloggies, ex-pats, love-pats or re-pats !
You might shed some tears of laughter
“Dealing with the Dutch” is spoken in English, but is also hilarious for Dutch people.

“ As a mother of a Dutch student in the European school I always wanted to organize an evening like this. I love to bring people in touch with each other. This event gives you the opportunity to have a fun night! I organized a similar event in Switzerland and the visitors were very excited. That’s why I am organizing this and I’m sure you’ll love it.” (Monique van Ling)

The performance will be held on 29th June in AULA and takes one hour and is suitable for everybody from 16 years and older. Doors open at 19H30 with the act starting at 20H30. Doors close at 23H30.

Before and after there will be plenty time to have a chat with each other, meet friends and meet new people.
There will be drinks & snacks available to purchase.

TICKETS : €10 per person

To book your tickets send an email to: with the names for each ticket including a phone number for the main contact person and you will receive a confirmation and payment instructions.

We expect to be fully booked, so please let me know ASAP if you will join this unique evening!

Karen ten TusscherDealing with the Dutch!