Community Fund

Program Objectives

  • Contribute to projects and events that enhance school life (including learning environment, student health and wellness, educational experience)

  • Fund the maximum benefit for the maximum number of students.

  • To fund visible projects promoting the value the ESB Parents Association Community Fund.

Application Review Process

Governing Procedure

  1. Requests for Funds can be initiated by an ESB Student, Parent, Teacher or School Management
  2. The Initiator completes a Request for Funds (including Action Plan) and submits to the Parents’ Association online.
  3. Only complete Request for Funds (including Action Plan) will be taken into consideration.
  4. The Parents’ Association Board will review the Request for Funds to verify it meets with ESB Parents Association Fund objectives. Decisions will be made by a vote of the Parents Association Board.
  5. For fund requests with a total value under 1000 euros, the Parents’ Association board will respond in writing with confirmation or decline (the estimated response time is 5 to 10 working days)
  6. For fund requests with a total value exceeding 1000 Euros the Parents’ Association members will be informed. The parent members’ comments will be gathered and considered by the Parents’ Association board in the approval process (the estimated response time will increase to about 15 to 20 working days).
  7. All requests granted by the Parents’ Association must also have received prior approval by school management to avoid a duplicate financing of new projects.
  8. Approved applicants will provide the Parents’ Association with photos and a short report of the project within one month of receiving the funding. The project initiator must ensure that the provided photos have been approved and that every member in the photo has confirmed in written that his/her image can be published in the Parents’ Association website.

Financial Controls

  1. All Requests for Funds that meet the Fund objectives will be voted on by Parents’ Association board. Majority vote is required for funding approval.
  2. Financing of ESB Parents Association Fund is contingent upon financial reserves.
  3. Requests for funding events or activities that have occurred in the past will not be considered.
  4. ESB Parents Association Fund will either pay invoices directly to vendor, or reimburse approved applicants from a paid vendor invoice by using the Parents’ Association Expense report Form.

Recently Funded Projects

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