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PA Community Fund Supports ARUP Primary Sculpture

During the European hours in March and April all pupils in P3, 4 & 5 collaborated with the firm ARUP, located in Amsterdam. Representatives from ARUP came in and shared their knowledge and technical skills whilst working with the children on devising a product which would represent their perception of the spirit within the European School in Bergen. The children spent time sketching and making models of their ideas. Early on in the design process it became clear that ‘hands’ played a big part in how the children represented their feelings.

The PA supported this project with enthusiasm by providing the funds for materials used in the final sculpture: two hands encompassing a world globe. Each child created their own self in miniature which was then attached to the globe to demonstrate the diversity of cultures represented in the school. The sculpture is for all to see and hangs in the primary corridor opposite the DC and Nadia Roofthooft’s office.

Nicole GottholdPA Community Fund Supports ARUP Primary Sculpture