Class Representatives

Get involved by helping your fellow class parents, your students and your teachers stay connected.

Class Representatives are critical in enabling teachers, parents and the Parents’ Association to communicate effectively throughout the year. At the start of each year teachers will ask parents from from Nursery 1 to Secondary 7 to identify class reps for the school year. Below is a summary of the responsibilities. If you would like to volunteer to be your class rep, please contact your teacher to be considered.


  • CR should be elected by class parents at the first teacher/parents group introduction session in the school year. CR should not be nominated by teacher as they should represent parents but they will develop a good working relationship with teachers.
  • Although there is a student rep in secondary cycle, CR is needed in case of confidential information flow (for example sensitive Secondary Education Council (SEC) type issues).
  • To make it easier for small section/ classes it is possible CR could cover two classes.
  • ESB school administration will send out email at beginning of school year communicating obligation to have CR (not PA) due to communication law, relationship building and effective communication flow.


  • Between 2 and 4 class reps per class, depending upon class size. Some classes may be small enough to be covered by 1 class rep.
  • In P5 when parents contact is still there, create rotating list for secondary cycle to cover CR job.
  • PA membership is encouraged (as CR attends PA meetings and act as parent representative).
  • Teachers set guidelines for class rep to manage responsibilities. Including but not limited to:
    • Volunteer selection shall be shared equally and democratically among interested and available parents and managed by the Class Rep then communicated to teacher.
    • Teacher sets the number of parent volunteers required.
    • Class rep communicates volunteer list with teacher before designated event occurs.
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