School Announcements

New Secondary Automated Marking System

The Office of the Secretary General of The European School has implemented an online correction tool for the European Baccalaureate Exam, commencing in 2017.  The objective of the automated marking tool is to increase accuracy, reliability and anonymity. The attached newsletters explain the project and the related testing, training and implementation. We recommend all parents of

Molenweidtje traffic update

As most of you will have noticed there have been some changes to the traffic situation at Molenweidtje. The objective of the roadworks is to make the traffic situation safer for all road users. The main roadworks have now been started and a new bike path and pedestrian path have been created in front of

How can we stop school violence?

By law, schools are required to report violent incidents and states are required to make that information public. Few states are following this mandate. In the aftermath of yet another agonizing, senseless school shooting, it’s impossible not to ask how can we prevent this from ever happening again.