ECA classes will not take place this term

ECA classes will not take place this term

Dear Parents,

ECA classes will not take place this term. It would be difficult under the circumstances to run ECA classes in our school environment.

This has been a difficult decision for the PA and one which we will review prior to the spring and summer terms – we will keep you informed.

In the meantime, many of the Dutch run activities for children outside of school are running as normal.

You can find links to many of these in the  New Parents section on our website.

Childcare is also available via Forte and AllesKits.

Student Activities & Resource Centers outside of school.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a list of activities for children outside of school.

Chess – Jasper Dekker .Group and individual lessons available online.

Old and new chess students are welcome.

All Primary 3 – Secondary 7 students are welcome to learn and play chess. Participants learn basic and advanced moves and strategies.


Dutch lessons – Alingua – classes for pupils and adults.

Other languages also available.


Manege Van Poelenburgh (horse riding lesssons)

Artiance (art, music & dance)

Saturna (gymnastics)

Alcmaria Victrix Voetbal Association (soccer, softball and baseball)

Attitude Ballet School

AV Hylas Athletics Alkmaar
Alcmaria Victrix Voetbal Association (soccer, softball and baseball)
VV Bergen Football Bergen
Tennis Alkmaar
Dance Heerhugowaard
Dance Alkmaar
Aikido Alkmaar

Rugby Casticrum

Nicole GottholdECA classes will not take place this term
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European Schools closed from Monday as preventive measure

European Schools closed from Monday as preventive measure

Updated March 16 at 14:20

Dear parents,

It is now decided to close the school from Monday 16th of March until after Easter holiday (April 6). This could be extended – please check your emails and the school website:
The PA has decided to cancel the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA), starting from tomorrow, Friday 13th of March as well. We will be refunding at the end of the school year.
We hope that you are all following the hygiene rules and advices from the authorities:
For the closure of the school to have the best possible effect, we strongly recommend that you keep you and your family away from other people, if possible. We suggest for you to stay at home, teleworking if possible.
If you have any questions for the PA, please send them to this email address:

Kind regards,

The PA Committee

Nicole GottholdEuropean Schools closed from Monday as preventive measure
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ESB Chess Club Wins 2020 Bergen-wide Championship

ESB Chess Club Wins 2020 Bergen-wide Championship

Congratulations to the ESB Chess Players for A Successful Bergen-wide tournament!

ESB Team 1, Bergen tournament 2020 Champions (pictured below, left to right)
Igor Matviyets, Sergiy Matviyets, Charis Visser and Suban Ismailov

Chess players from ESB participated in a Bergen Schools Chess Tournament and competed with 6 other primary schools in Bergen. ESB entered 3 teams in the tournament and were placed 1st, 4th and 10th out of 14 teams. ESB also won 1st place in 2019 in the Bergen tournament, now making ESB the most successful school in Bergen in this tournament! ESB also captured all 4 of the top boy and top girl prizes. ESB’s Team 1 will now advance to the Noord-Hollands Kampioenschap in March 2020 along with the 2nd and 3rd place teams from the Van Reenan and Matthieu Wiegman Schools respectively.

Congratulations to all of the players and good luck in the upcoming championship. We would also like to thank the ESB ECA (after school activity) coach Jasper Dekker who works with all of the children weekly during chess classes on Fridays.

Top Scoring Boys (left to right): Igor Matviyets and Sergiy Matviyets

Top Scoring Girls (left to right): Zsófia Száraz and Charis Visser

ESB Team 1, 1st Place

ESB Team 2, 4th Place

ESB Team 3, 4th Place

Nicole GottholdESB Chess Club Wins 2020 Bergen-wide Championship
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Start a NEW After School Activity after the break!

Want to join an after school activity? There’s still time and space to join and a NEW Typing class has been introduced! Sign up now to start your class after the December break!

New Typing Course Available

We are delighted to announce the addition of an ECA typing course for students in Primary 4 to Secondary 3. Course times will be Wednesdays 13:30 and 14:45 commencing 15 January 2020.

This is a 13 week complete course following the Gigakids typing course. The children will learn the valuable skill of touch-typing via this fun, supervised programme. The course is available in English and Dutch.

Learn more about this course on our website.

Note as this is a complete course and login details need to be prepared in advance of the first class. Registration will be OPEN UNTIL TUESDAY 14 JANUARY 17.00.

Friday Art Classes are Back!

We are delighted to re-introduce Friday Art class. Vaida Matuziene studied Art at college and is excited to share her love of Art with Primary 3 to Secondary 3 students on Fridays at 14:45. She has many exciting, challenging and varied projects planned for the students. Registration for this course is now open.

New 10-session Mad Science Course

We are hoping to run another 10-session Mad Science course which would begin in January. The topics of these sessions will be new themes and new materials, exciting for both new and returning students. The course would run Fridays 14:45-15:45 and is suitable for Primary 3 – Secondary 2 students. We do require a minimum number of students in order to run the course so we need to assess whether there are enough children interested in the course.

If your child would like to attend the next 10 sessions of Mad Science starting Friday 10 January please let us know no later than Friday 20 December via our contact form. Simply select “other” as the reason and explain you are interested in Mad Science in the comments.

We will then let you know when registration opens.
The 10-week course will cost €51 per month for 3 months.

For more information about the Mad Science course please click here.

And there is still space available in these popular classes!

Class Ages Day & Time
Football Nursery Tues 13:30
Craft Tues Nursery – Primary 2 Tues 14:45
Dance Nursery – Primary 2 Wed 13:30
Table Tennis Primary 1 – Primary 5 Wed 13:30
Football Primary 1-Primary 2 Wed 14:45
Basketball Secondary 1 – Secondary 5 Fri 13:30
Craft Nursery – Primary 3 Fri 13:30
Group Singing Primary 4 – Secondary 2 Fri 13:30
Dance Nursery – Primary 2 Fri 13:30
Table Tennis Primary 1 – Secondary 3 Fri 13:30
Basketball Primary 1 – Primary 5 Fri 14:45
Chess Primary 3 – Primary 4 Fri 13:30
Chess Secondary 2 – Secondary 5 Fri 15:45
Nicole GottholdStart a NEW After School Activity after the break!
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After School Activities Programme Details

After School Activities Programme Details

Updated 19 September 2019 with information for the 2019/2020 year.

The Parents’ Association is happy to announce the continuance of several Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) program improvements which were originally implemented during the Autumn of 2018. Please read the following information carefully and contact us with any questions. We will be available at the Parents’ Evenings,  ECA Informational Meeting, PA Welcome Coffee and Annual General Meeting to answer your questions in person. We hope to work with you to ensure your children enjoy wonderfully enriching programs and a service you value.

It is our aim to begin classes in the first week of October.  Registration will be open after the Informational Meeting held on 20 September, 2019. PA members will receive an email once registration is open.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing to provide escort and supervision services to and from all after school activities. The class schedule has been adjusted to allow for these new procedures, and is as follows:

ECA Time Table (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
13:10 School Dismissal
13:10 – 13:30 ECA students convene at meeting point and eat lunch/snack
13:30 – 14:30 ECA Class 1
14:30 – 14:45 Transition from course/meeting point (parent pick up for children with only one ECA course)
14:45 – 15:45 ECA Class 2
15:45 Parent pick up/ transfer to Alles Kits.
15:45 – 16:25 Escort/supervision services are available for an additional cost for students not attending Alles Kits, but who take buses/taxis at 16:25. Simply add this transport add-on to your registration and the monthly cost will be added.

Escort and Supervision in Between Activities
All children enrolled in the first activity each day will be directed to a meeting point directly after school where ECA Duty Coordinators will provide supervision and guidance. During the first transition period (13:00 – 13:30) children will be given an opportunity to eat lunch/snack. You must provide this lunch/snack or arrange for a hot meal separately to be delivered from the ESB Canteen. Each ECA course teacher will come to the meeting point to pick up the children registered for their course and will escort them to the course location. ECA teachers will also escort their students back to the meeting point after each course is concluded. ECA Duty Coordinators will be present at the meeting point in between, and at the conclusion of courses to assist. Parents will then pick up their children at the meeting point each day once their ECA courses are completed for the day. For this reason, parents will not be allowed to remain in the school while their children are taking an ECA course.

Pick Up Logistics
When picking up child(ren), parents must report to the secondary gate (orange) to check in with security to receive admission to the school and meeting point. Please allow 5-10 minutes to check in with security. Once at the meeting point, parents will check-in with the ECA Duty Coordinators to sign their children out for the day.

If your child(ren) are only attending a class during the first class time slot, you must report to the meeting point at 14:30 to pick up. If your child(ren) have courses in both time slots, you would report to the meeting point at 15:45 to pick up. If your child(ren) has only a course in the second time slot, you will be responsible for picking your child up from school dismissal, and bringing your child to the meeting point for the second time slot at 14:45. You may also separately arrange with Alles Kits to provide care before and after the class in the second time slot if you are not able to.  However, please be sure both ECA Coordinators and Alles Kits are aware of these arrangements. Parents who arrange for transportation outside of the school must inform us and your transportation service to arrange for a change in service separately, and let us know via email that your children will be picked up by the service, and not by you (the parent).

New Payment Procedure
ECA courses will now be processed as a recurring payment via SEPA direct debit. Just like the PA membership, when you enroll the first time, you are acknowledging and agreeing to have recurring payments automatically charged to your card. We have worked with ECA teachers to establish an annual price for all classes. The subscription has been broken up into 9 payments. The first payment will be taken at the time of registration. The remaining 8 payments will be automatically processed on the 1st day of each month for 8 months, beginning on November 1, 2019. The last payment of the year will be processed on June 1, 2020. If you register for this course in the middle of the year, your subscription will begin the first day of the month after you subscribe, and you will only pay the remaining number of payments for the year.

For example, if you register on January 25, your first payment will be taken at the time of registration, and the next payment will be processed on March 1, and you would pay the remaining four payments on April 1, May 1 and June 1. Your child would begin attending class on the first week in February. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this new payment process.

Additional Child Care Services
There are some cases where children may require additional child care beyond the ECA class schedule from 13:10 – 15:45. Prior to 2018, children who used taxi and bus services were not able to participate in ECA classes because transportation services departed at either 13:10 or 16:25. Today in order to participate, Nursery – Primary 5 children require supervision from 15:45 – 16:25 and also require an escort to the taxi stand on Churchillian. We now offer this additional service.

For an additional 20 per child, per month you can opt to allow us to supervise your child in the ECA classroom, and escort your child to the taxi pick up area on Churchillian at 16:25. We will wait with your child and ensure they are picked up by their bus/taxi.
If you would like to utilize his service, simply select the option to have escort/supervision added to your reservation during ECA registration. An additional 20 per child, per month will be added to your monthly subscription for that class. Please only add this option to the class which takes place before the required supervision services.
Alles Kits
You may also require additional outside child care if you only register for one ECA class, but need care until 16:25 or later. If this is your circumstance, please contact Alles Kits separately to arrange for their services. You can register for their services on their website. They can provide child care until 18:00. If you are already enrolled in Alles Kits beyond 16:00, please let us know that your children will be picked up by the service, and not by you (the parent).
Nicole GottholdAfter School Activities Programme Details
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