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Canteen Update

The PA will be participating in the call for tender process that will begin at the start of the 2018/2019 school year. We have been given a vote in the decision-making process (along with other stakeholders in the school) over the following steps in the process:

  • Setting the call for tender criteria
  • Evaluating tender submission
  • Deciding the outcome of the call for tender

As always, we value your input and work to represent all parents in all matters. As such we will be reaching out to you before this process starts to gain your feedback to help define the criteria for the call for tender. We will send a questionnaire to all pupils in the beginning of the new school year, and we urge all parents to participate so that we may best represent you.

In 2017, the PA facilitated a survey regarding the current canteen provider to all parents. We collected the responses and shared them with Luna Rossa and the school administration. Luna Rossa strives to provide quality meals to our students and would like to communicate the following to parents as much of the feedback they received seemed to be misunderstandings of how the canteen is operated. While they will continue to strive to improve the canteen, they felt it was important to share these important details:

  • Luna Rossa received the Golden Platter Award in 2018 and 2015 for both hot and cold meals. We adhere to their standard of healthy food guidelines to develop nutritious menus.
  • Hot lunches include all the components of the nutritional pyramid based on the Dutch national guidelines. The lunches served are filling and complete with all main nutrients. Children who ask for a second helping can always receive it at no extra cost.
  • The price of the hot lunch menu includes a choice between three main courses, soup, fresh vegetables, fruit, dessert and a drink. Sometimes children who have subscribed to receive hot lunches decide to eat plain pasta instead of the two main course options offered. When this happens, they are also offered soup, fresh vegetables, fruit and dessert.
  • Spelt and whole wheat pastas are available when requested at an additional cost. You can contact Luna Rossa for more information.
  • Greens, vegetables, and potatoes are offered regularly, and legumes like lentils and chickpeas are available almost every day in the salad bar. We offer these options as recommended by the Dutch nutritional guidelines.
  • Students often bring pot noodles into school. Luna Rossa is happy to provide them with hot water when requested. As a convenience to students, we also offer pot noodles for sale as it became clearthey were a popular item amongst secondary students.
  • Luna Rossa is aware that some do not like hot dogs and frikandellen. However, these are popular sellers, and many ask for these menu items. We are allowed by the Golden Platter Award to offer items like these examples as long as they make up 20% or less of the menu.
  • Luna Rossa offers sandwiches and bread rolls three times a day. We have made students aware that they can always ask for this if the sandwich display is empty. While we do our best to stock these items sufficiently, at the end of the day choices can be limited.
  • Halal meat is offered on request.
  • We offer ice cream for sale for teachers and students who have requested these items. Since ice cream was often brought into the school from outside, we decided to offer these items for sale per their request.
  • We provide soft drinks only approved by the VGD. As of January 2018, it contains only low calories soft drinks in accordance to this law.

If you have any further questions not answered above, please contact Luna Rossa or the Parents’ Association.

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