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Thank You from the ESB PA Chairperson

Tina Eriksen

Thank you all for your support this school year!

The Parents Association works with a lot of parents, who each give their free time and skills to the PA – and through us to the school community.

On behalf of the Parents Association I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to: Nicole Gotthold and Angela Godwin who stepped up when we did not have anyone to coordinate Euromarkt – and did a fabulous job!

This year we also completely reorganised the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme – meaning that parents no longer need to come to school to escort their children to the ECA classes and wait to accompany them to the following lesson. The children are now collected at the end of the school day, have lunch together and are escorted both to and from their activities. It was a big puzzle and certainly not an easy task – so on behalf of the PA and all the parents and children using the ECA: a very special thank you to Claire Symons and Tania Holmström for organising the much improved ECA this year! We are very fortunate that they have both agreed to stay on after the summer as well!

I would like to give a warm thank you to all the other members of the PA Committee as well: Edina Kriston for working as PA Secretary and later the Vice Chairperson until their move abroad, Sinnika Kroese for coordinating Events until she got her new job, Sue Garrone for being a very professional Secretary, Mary Knight for taking care of all PA finances, Nicole Gotthold for website, communication, membership and all the help given to projects like primary sports days, secondary photo books and Euromarkt, Miriam Casula for being our Interparents representative and Marianne Wood for doing a great job as our EMA Contact. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!

Furthermore I would like to thank the Secondary and Primary Education Councils representatives: Sylvia Kuin, Petra Bom, Liz Cizauskas, Femke den Dekker, Karen ten Tusscher and Claire Symons as well as all the parents that have taken on the important role of being Class Representatives!

This year we also had some very successful PA working groups – one of them organised a very interesting and educational secondary parents evening with the interactive theatre group PlayBack. The Traffic working group made a draft proposal for the traffic situation around the school – and a further working group represented the PA in the new ESB Canteen Committee. Thank you all for supporting the PA with such great enthusiasm!

We have worked with the whole School community – and we would like to thank you all for your cooperation and support:

All our Active Members

  • ESBbus
  • Students
  • Management
  • Teachers, Study advisors, Administrative staff
  • Concierges, Nurse, Security & Cleaners
  • Canteen staff and management
  • JRC staff and management
  • EMA staff and management

To be able to continue representing the parents and supporting the school community it is important that you all join us as members next school year as well.

If you are able to give a hand, want to meet new people and be an active part of your children’s school community, we would be happy to welcome you as volunteer for next school year!

We are planning to organise a PA Coffee Morning in September as well as our PA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October, when some of us will step back, leaving room for other parents to take over.

Enjoy your summer and see you next school year!

On behalf of the PA,

Tina Eriksen
Parents Association, European School Bergen NH

Nicole GottholdThank You from the ESB PA Chairperson