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Euromarkt Needs Your Help

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To ensure that this year will be as successful as ever, we are looking for your support in many areas at the Euromarkt. If you have time, ability and talent, email us with your contact information and include which of the following opportunities you'd like to help with.

Book and Technik Markt - We are looking for books in all languages and varieties, videos, cd´s, dvd´s, games for pc and consoles, PlayStation, radios, and boxes to place them in. We need many helpers to sort before selling the books during the day from 11.00 until 16.00. Please include in your email whether you can help with the organization before and/or sell on the day of the event.

Gameland - a play area for children who visit the Euromarkt (ages 4-6 and 7-11). We are searching for parents and/or secondary students who want to help us this year between 11.00 and 16.00. We are also searching for volunteers to set up (9.00-11.00) and clean up (16.00-18.00). We also need supervision and help with the games/activities, and to assist the students.

Entertainment - we are in need of all sorts of entertainment, bands, theatre, comedy, pantomime… on stage or walking around. Let us know what sort of show you would like to have or can organize!

Set up and Cleaning - for this we need ALL the help we can get on the actual day of Euromarkt, to set up and clean up. If you can come early (from 8.00-10.00) or stay and help clean-up (from 16.00-17.00), please contact us with your name, email, phone number and the area where you can help. We need help with moving tables, chairs and other “heavy” items around the school. Bring all your husbands, brothers, sons and friends to show off their strength!

Food tables- the main attraction of the Euromarkt! It´s a large culinary area with food stands selling delicious food from all of the nationalities represented at our school. Attendees enjoy culinary treasures made by YOU from your cultures. Past Euromarkt events included Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Scandinavia, American tables, just to give some examples. You can also combine a region- for example - Asia or the Middle East. While we do have some confirmed tables, we are looking for much more so we need you!

As you can see, this flagship event needs help from all parents to be a success. Thank you so much for the support you have given us all year!

If you have any questions, please contact Karen ten Tusscher or Wiebke Schmitt at!

Nicole GottholdEuromarkt Needs Your Help

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