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New Secondary Automated Marking System

New Secondary Automated Marking System

The Office of the Secretary General of The European School has implemented an online correction tool for the European Baccalaureate Exam, commencing in 2017.  The objective of the automated marking tool is to increase accuracy, reliability and anonymity. The attached newsletters explain the project and the related testing, training and implementation.

We recommend all parents of students from S1- S7 read the attachments and send any questions or concerns to Secondary Director Ulvi Soomlais and the ES Bergen Parents’ Association.

Newsletter 1 OSG Automated Marking

Newsletter 2 OSG Automated Marking

Nicole GottholdNew Secondary Automated Marking System
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Molenweidtje traffic update

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As most of you will have noticed there have been some changes to the traffic situation at Molenweidtje. The objective of the roadworks is to make the traffic situation safer for all road users.

The main roadworks have now been started and a new bike path and pedestrian path have been created in front of school

We’d like to inform parents that the work has not been completed.  To finish the road works the following work is still to be done:

  • Traffic signs are on order and will be placed at appropriate locations, hopefully by the end of November,
  • Road markings will be “painted” on the road surface to further clarify which sections are for pedestrians and which are for cyclists,
  • Shrubs have been ordered and are scheduled to be planted before the end of the year.

Once the road works have been completed and everyone has had a chance to get used to the new situation we trust it will improve the flow of traffic in front of school and make the situation safer for all road users.



Nicole GottholdMolenweidtje traffic update
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